The Book

Job search techniques that worked a few years ago are now obsolete. To get your foot in the door with employers and win a job offer, you’re going to need bold, new strategies that will set you apart from other job candidates.

I Found a Job!:

  • Shares case studies and stories from successful job seekers.
  • Opens readers’ eyes to what works in today’s market.
  • Gives you the elements to build your own job-search plan.

I Found a Job! is an uplifting book that explores the most relevant and pressing issues in the labor market to show readers what techniques are working right now. The author weaves lessons about the job search with actual experiences of successful job seekers who overcame economic turbulence to land great jobs.

Job hunters will learn how to:

  • Develop and implement an aggressive job-search plan.
  • Position themselves as top candidates.
  • Adjust their mindset and expectations.
  • Keep perspective during financial turmoil.
  • Rebound from rejection and learn from mistakes.

Learn about how some people found jobs in the recession, despite challenging odds. Here are some examples of the real-life stories of successful job seekers from I Found a Job!:

  • Hang out at Starbucks: Jenipher, 46, spent her mornings at her neighborhood Starbucks, and she doesn’t even like coffee. She sipped her Chai tea and chatted with everyone. One day she met the president of an energy services firm. Today she is working for him as a sales administrator.
  • Help others: Angel, 48, found out his employer was being acquired by another company. So at the next trade show he attended, Angel got to networking, handing out his business cards to everyone he could. Angel also took time to help the marketing manager pack up the company’s exhibit when the trade show was over. When that manager heard about a job opening, guess who she thought to recommend?
  • Wow them with creativity: Mary, 51, saw an opening for a marketing position, but she knew she faced stiff competition. So before she even had an interview, she boldly walked into the headquarters with a gift basket for the hiring manager. The basket didn’t contain fruit or flowers; it contained various items that demonstrated she knew what it takes to complete a successful marketing campaign. Mary got the interview and the job.
  • Move out of the country: Howard, 60, had a solid career in print and online media in the United States. When he found himself out of work, he contacted everyone he had met during his career. One former editor contacted a mutual friend in China. Based on her recommendation, Howard was offered a job as an editor at the Shanghai Daily. He has since completed his one-year contract and has snagged a new job in Hong Kong.
  • Transfer your skills: Wall Street research analyst Michael, 54, lost his job in the Wall Street debacle of 2008. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he looked at his skills and thought differently. He became active in his alumni association, and when a job opened up as a career adviser for finance students, he applied and was hired. While not Wall Street’s salary, the job provides a pleasant atmosphere and lifestyle, and he feels he is “giving back” to his alma mater.

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