“What separates I Found a Job! from the myriad books on job search is that the reader is able to see how real people actually applied the advice and strategies outline in the book. It changes the reader’s mindset from ‘This can’t be done’ to ‘If this person was able to find a job, then I can find a job.’ ” – John Challenger, chief executive officer, outplacement consulting firm, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

“As its title suggests, I Found a Job! takes a positive, proactive approach for job seekers. Author Marcia Heroux Pounds lays out a vision for developing a job-search plan, and she weaves in real-life economic stories that are inspirational and informative. In this era of challenging economic times, I Found a Job! offers a healthy dose of practical ideas and solid career advice for navigating rough waters.” – Linda O’Bryon, media adviser and founder of PBS’ Nightly Business News.


I Found a Job! was featured on Rochester, N.Y.’s 55-Plus website: The wife of a book participant tells her husband’s story about being unemployed and his persistent attitude in finding a job: Deposited in Dayton